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Vogel Design LLC is a design studio. Not an agency. Not a firm. Not one of those factories that spits out a canned product that you can sorta, kinda customize for just five bucks. What does that mean for you? For starters, you’ll have one real (and talented) human being dedicated to your project start to finish. We’re fast, because the project timeline is streamlined. We’re nimble, because we can react faster to change. And we’re cost efficient, because we don’t pay lots of people whose existence makes no difference in the success of your project. We’ve worked with giants that move millions of dollars of inventory a year, and we’ve worked with tiny one-man shows that exist just to make their community a little better. How about you and us? Let’s do stuff.

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David Vogel, Vogel Design LLC

Get to know us

Leading the charge at Vogel Design LLC is David, a reluctantly-almost-30-something whose entire life seems to have been pointing toward launching a graphic design studio. As a child, his entrepreneurial spirit led to several successful (you know, for an eight-year-old) businesses–including aquatic floral arrangements and the creatively branded Yellow Giraffe lemonade stand–before he started designing websites. In the fifth grade. Since then, he has continued to develop his skills and actively pursues the latest design standards and trends.

David is a 2012 graduate of Tabor College in Hillsboro, Kansas, where he studied communications, English, graphic design and marketing. He founded Vogel Design in 2014, and headquartered the studio in Wichita, Kansas, in 2018.

Vogel Design has earned dozens of accolades, most notably from NYC-based Graphic Design USA, for both digital and print design. We’re proud to serve organizations big and small from not only here in central Kansas, but all across the country and even that one guy in Canada. Our Rolodex of client happy endings (and dated office supply references) continues to grow, and we look forward to the new and exciting ways we can help make our customers’ dreams come true. Let’s do stuff.

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